Attractions in Bogota, Things to Do in Bogota

Bogota has lots to offer each of its visitors. Starting from the historic decent to the most modern parks, amusement parks, city centers, museums, churches, shopping etc to the important nightlife and parties, Bogota provides a perfect mixture of advancement, culture and history for everyone visiting the area.

There are hundreds of places in Bogota that must be visited on a trip to Bogota. Finding out these places may be very confusing.

Gold Museum (Museo de Oro)
The Banco de la República Gold Museum houses one of the most important collections of pre-Hispanic metallurgy in the world. As its history, which dates back to 1939, has unfolded, so this institution has become a symbol of Colombia's cultural memory. Its golden exhibition, fully renewed in November, 2008, is a place you cannot miss in your next trip to Bogota.

Museo Arqueologico Casa del Marques de San Jorge
Carrera 6 No. 7-43, Bogota, Colombia
The Marques de San Jorge, an important and renowned figure of Nueva Granada, lived in this area during Colombia's colonial period. His life is reflected in each object in this museum. The house has been preserved, and the objects on display are exquisite. It is located in La Candelaria area.

Mundo Aventura
Transversal 71D No. 6-30 Sur , Bogota, Colombia
Mundo Aventura (Adventure World) offers a fantastic world of amusement and excitement, for children and adults. Visitors can expect to be enthralled by a plethora of exciting rides such as the roller coaster, bumper cars, water slides, house of horrors and its main attraction, the 'Pendulum'. It also offers additional services, such as fast food restaurants and a large parking area.

Museo Santa Clara Museo Santa Clara
Carrera 8 No. 8-91 , Bogota, Colombia
Museo Santa Clara is located in the Candelaria district, close to Palacio de Narino and Capitolio Nacional. The museum throws a light on the life of the fathers of modern Colombia who lived in this neighborhood. Visiting this place is like taking a step into Colombia's history.

Fundacion Alzate Avendano
Calle 10 con Carrera 3 , Bogota, Colombia
This small art gallery is situated in the old quarter of La Candelaria, inside a beautiful colonial house. The sober interior lends itself well to exhibited examples of contemporary Colombian art. There is very good restaurant on the first floor of the restaurant.

Iglesia de La Candelaria
Carrera 4 No. 11-62, Bogota, Colombia
This church is in the heart of the Candelaria, Bogota's historic center. Its construction reflects the refined mudejar style. The interiors are notable for the delicate work in the central retable and the choir loft.

Jardin Botanico Jose Celestino Mutis
Carrera 66 con Calle 56 , Bogota, Colombia
The Gardens are situated near Parque Simon Bolivar. The beautiful grounds offer a comprehensive selection of Colombian flora. The greenhouse is very well-constructed. It recreates all the different climates found in the country. The visitor will experience severe changes in temperature while moving between sectors within the greenhouse. If you get hungry, there is a good restaurant within the grounds.

Laguna de Guatavita
Km 15, Vía Guatavita-Sesquilé , Bogota, Colombia
This lagoon is located in the old crater of a volcano and is surrounded by mountains and thick vegetation. It was here that the Guatavita Indian chief covered his body in gold and submerged in the water, as part of a ritual to honour his wife who, according to the legend, lived at the bottom of the lake.

17 Route Mtb
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Donacion Botero
You don't have to be a fan of Botero's amazing sculpture or paintings to love the work here. Surrounded by other small museums, the seductive complex can keep you occupied for a whole day

Old Bogota (La Candelaria)
A lively neighborhood section of the city that features small shops and ancient churches. The neighborhood includes a number of attractions including The Plaza de Bolivar, The Bogota Cathedral. The Gold Museum, The Fundacion Botero, The Religious Art Museum, The Coin House, The Library Luis Angel Arango.

Carnaval de Bogota
The carnival is held in August to celebrate the founding of Bogota. The carnival brings festive mood into each and every person. You will fins parades of folkloric groups, music and dance representing the cultural manifestations of the city and its history. Most of the cultural events take place in the heart of Parque Metropolitano Simón Bolívar. The streets will be filled with dance, music and games which will be organized by people from all parts of the country.

"Expoartesanías is the place to find the best traditional and modern Indian and Afro-Colombian handcrafts. It offers products made of different natural raw materials like: fibers, fabrics, wood, silver, gold, ceramic and stone, among others. From the beginning in 1991, the main objective of 'Expoartesanias' has been to lead handcraft product trends in the market."

Plaza de Toros la Santamaria famous for Bull Fights
Bogota is also famous for bullfights. This might not be interesting to all, but for those who are interested in bullfights, Bogota can be the right place to experience lots of bull fights around the country. Colombians love the challenge between the bullfighter, matador, the torero and the bull. The season of bullfighting starts from January.

Placio de San Francisco
The Republican architecture is very well displayed in the Palace of San Franssico. The style was popular in the early 20th century. This palace was later declared a national monument is the year 1984. Currently this is occupied by one of the largest schools in the area.

Cerro de Monserrate
Monserrate hill provides exceptional panaromic views of Bogata and


Acapulco Attractions, Places to Visit & Things to Do

Acapulco or Acapulco de Juárez is one of Mexico’s most important and famous beach resorts. Acapulco is famous for its explosive nightlife, postcard beaches, unlimited watersports, first-class hotels, gourmet restaurants and the breath-taking physical beauty of Acapulco Bay!

Bordered by the rugged Sierra Madre to the east and beautiful Acapulco Bay to the west, the city is considered by many to be the grande dame of the Mexican tourist industry; the city’s unbeatable nightlife, which offers one of the hottest playgrounds among Mexican vacation destinations.

The warm waters of the city and the pristine beaches are irresistible to all human beings since the Old days of the Aztec Empire. Acapulco’s gorgeous arc of beaches that sweep around Bahía de Acapulco can be a relaxing place to soak up the sun.

The fishing in Acapulco, particulary sailfish, is legendary, The crystal-blue Pacific waters offer up a bounty of marine denizens from the giant marlins and sailfish to the wily game fish such as sea bass.

The snorkeling and Scuba diving here are first rate and there is nothing as exciting as jumping on a jet-ski and riding at full throttle across Acapulco Bay!

Golf is a huge attraction with several options available: courses at the “Diamante” area includes Club Tres Vidas (private); the Hotels Fairmont Princess, Pierre Marquez, Mayan Palace. The oldest course is the Acapulco Golf Club, located downtown.

For those who have never visited Acapulco, we recommend that you visit la Isla de la Roqueta (Roqueta Island), an ideal island setting where you can either relax or enjoy some scuba diving. You’ll also want to check out the infamous La Quebrada, where fearless cliff divers plunge into the ocean below. If you’re looking for a little excitement of your own, Acapulco offers bungee jumping and parasailing, where from high above you can admire the stunning panoramic views of the bay, the hotel zone and the surrounding mountains, in their utmost splendor.

When you're in Acapulco, don't miss the famous cliff divers. You can see them up close at La Quebrada, or watch from above at the Plaza Las Glorias Hotel Restaurant and Bar.

There are so many amazing and fun things to do in Acapulco City. And if you need help deciding what to do on your vacation, check-out some of our favorite attractions and activities.

Acapulco Beaches
Along with the Acapulco nightlife, the beaches of Acapulco are one of the most popular attractions in this Mexican resort city.

Caleta Beach
Once the most popular beach in Acapulco, Caleta beach is located in the "old" part of the city. For swimming it is still one of the best in Acapulco, and so it is popular for families with kids

Icacos Beach
Located in front of La Palapa Hotel, Playa Icacos is a favorite beach for vacationers and spring breakers. Parasailing and waverunners are readily available at both Icacos and Condesa Beach.

Condesa Beach
Located in the center of Acapulco Bay, Condesa beach is another popular beach for tourists and locals.

La Bonfil
The best waves for surfing. You can also swim here, but the waves are rather high. La Bonfil is located between Puerto Marques and Revolcadero Beach,

Fort San Diego
This museum which was initially a fort has a wide collection of beads, shells, ceramics, shells, porcelain vases, Kimonos etc that were used very long back in the Aztec Empire. This fort which was built in 1615 had to be rebuilt in 1776 because of a massive earthquake. The five point design of the fort is truly classic. Actually this fort was constructed to protect the port from the pirates by the Spaniards. Today it is a very beautiful and significant museum.

The area of Zocolo is the former town and is now called the Centro area. This is actually a very large village located in front of the cathedral which was built in 1930. The tomb which is similar to a mosque and the Byzantine towers of this cathedral are famous. Today Zocolo serves as a public plaza in the town. This is the perfect to have a stroll on a sunny day. If you are walking through the sideways of the city, you will most probably come across the native band concert. You can enjoy the charm of the plaza and also enjoy the food from the local restaurants.

Magico Mundo Marino
The Magico Mundo Marino is an aquarium having outdoor and indoor exhibits. This is a great place for a visit with your kids and family. Located in the Caleta beach premises, it also has a swimming pool, an aquarium hotel, dolphin shows and even two water slides.

Rocketa Island
A ten minute boat ride from Caleta Beach will take you to the Rocketa Island. It is located directly facing the Acapulco bay. This island is the best place to hike or snorkel in the city. There is a unique zoo and a wonderful beach on this island.

Pie de la Questa
Pie de la Questa is probably one of the most famous sunset beaches in the world. It provides not only the view of the setting sun but also wonderful meals served by the beachfront hotels.

It is a water theme park that is located right at the center of the Acapulco bay. Both the children and the adults will enjoy their day at this park. You will have a chance to enjoy lots of water slides, big wave pools, dolphin and seal shows and many more in this park.

Nature Tour of Tres Palos Lagoon
Visitors can also take a look at the natural beauty and excellent landscape of the area by going on a Nature tour to Tres Palos Lagoon. This is one of the most prominent sightseeing tours conducted in the area.

Jungle Tour
Don't forget to take a tour of the the Coyuca Lagoon. This is the location where the film Rambo II was filmed. There are many daily tours to this jungle that is conducted by the local restaurants in this area.

Palaco is a large restaurant in the Riqueta Island where you can find the most delicious food in the city. Whenever you are to the Acapulco bay, do not forget to have a look at the wonderful food that is served in the Palaco Restaurant. The restaurant also organizes daily dancing and floorshows.

Roller Papayago
This is the best place for the whole family. If you are looking for a spot to lace up your skates, this is your ideal spot. You can skate as much as you want at the roller skating rink facing the Papayago Park.

Papayago Park
Papayago Park is a large park which features roller rinks, plush grass, acres of trees and an amusement park as well. It is one of the best parks in Mexico for family fun. The various rides of the park are thrilling for any person.

In Acapulco, you'll party all night long. You'll dance with the devil. You'll live on the shores of legendary Acapulco Bay. And on Spring Break, size does matter.

Lodging options are completely unlimited in Acapulco. If you'd like to go high-end and have a penthouse room overlooking the Pacific, you'll find a great selection. If an intimate villa is more your style, the variety is nearly dizzying. And if all-inclusive resort life is your destination, every big name in the business has a stake in this market.

Other Fun Things to Do
Step aboard the Shotover jet boat, and embark on a thrilling 30-minute, high-speed ride along the Papagayo River.

Visit the famous Hotel Flamingo, where many movie stars of the '50s found refuge from the fast-paced life of Hollywood.

Nearby Acapulco, you can visit the beach of Pie de la Cuesta, known for its spectacular sunsets, or Puerto Marques, with it beautiful bay and calm waters. Finally, don’t miss out on Barra Vieja, where you are sure to enjoy delicious seafood dishes prepared in traditional Mexican restaurants.


Attractions in Myanmar Things to do in Burma

Myanmar traditionally known as Burma is a country possessing rich history, culture, custom or tradition. It has numerous tourist attractions, with many undiscovered tourist attractions which are yet to explore. Many of Myanmar's popular tourist attractions are familiar to many tourists all over the world. 

To this day Myanmar remains one of the most mysterious and undiscovered destinations in the world. A land of breathtaking beauty and charm yet only recently emerging into the modern world. What can the casual visitor therefore expect upon arrival, and why should one embark on such a journey in the first place?

There are so many amazing and fun things to do in Myanmar. And if you need help deciding what to do on your vacation, check-out some of the favorite attractions and activities.

Shwedagon Pagoda
This is probably the most illustrious tourist attraction in Myanmar. It is considered the oldest pagoda on earth that represents the center of Buddhism in Myanmar. It is believed that this pagoda had been covered in 30 tons of gold including huge number of gems and jewelry buried in it. You will find wide collection of best arts and crafts related to Myanmar and many of the shrines are decorated in rare, priceless sculptures and wood carvings.

Bagan is called the "Land of Thousand Pagodas" You can consider Bagan as the ancient capital of Myanmar which has more than 2,000 ancient pagodas scattered all over the place. Bagan is the most visited place in Myanmar, because of its religious significance. It is believed to be the capital built in the 9thcentury AD and stayed as the capital of Myanmar nearly 200 years. During this period many monarchs, queens, princes, nobles including ordinary citizens had built thousands of large and small pagodas, beautifully decorated with fine art and mural paintings. You will see many of these spectacular and huge pagodas and temples still exist, demonstrating its greatness. Visiting Bagan, you will appreciate the beautiful architecture and art of ancient Myanmar.

Kyaikhtiyo Pagoda
This is called the Golden Rock in Myanmar. It is a large natural rock covered in gold. It is a well known tourist destination for many foreign tourists until the recent past. Kyaikhtiyo still considered as one of the most sacred destinations in Myanmar. Many Buddhists devotees coming from Myanmar, China, Thailand, Laos and many others believe that Kyaikhtiyo Golden Rock has magical or divine powers. The golden rock is opened to visitors during the dry season and it is accessible from Yangon or Rangoon by bus or car.

Mandalay seemed to be the last capital of Myanmar or Burma. It is the second largest city in Myanmar and still believed to be the cultural center of Myanmar. This is an exciting place for the art and cultural buffs looking for traditional art and craftsmanship. Although number of traditional artists and craftsman are on the decline, numerous Myanmar's traditional artists, sculptors, liquor ware artists, bronze-smiths, and tapestry artists still exist in Madalay. The famous Buddha Image, Mahamuni, is located in Mandalay Myanmar. It is well known that the stone inscription of Tri-pitaka is located at the base of Madalay Hill.

Inle Lake
The Inle Lake called as the "Sea in the mountains' is located over the Shan State Highland. It is the habitat for thousands of Inthas. The Inthas tribe live in houses built over water and they greatly depend on the lake for their livelihood. It's an ideal location to visit by the environmental concerned traveller, he or she will see the balance between man and the environment. You can get great photo opportunities, especially the images of Inthas rowing the boats with their feet. You can hire a boat exploring the lake while visiting many villages in the lake including incredible floating market and the floating Phaungdawoo Pagoda. If you visit during September or early October, you can watch the popular boat races of Inthas.

Yangon is situated in the fertile delta country of southern Myanmar on the Yangon River. Today the city is an important cultural centre as well as a very active commercial port.

Besides above, Myanmar has many tourist attractions, however the above places will definitely make the first time traveller happy and excited. There are lot of places to visit for anyone who has never been to Myanmar before. All depends on the visitors interests or likings or hobbies. It varies from one person to another. If you do not have enough time to visit remote places of Myanmar, other than Yangon, it is better to visit the Shwedagon Pagoda or a visit other interesting places in the city. Visitors can observe the Buddhist devotees from all backgrounds who have come to worship Shwedagon Pagoda. You will see many devotees offering fresh flowers, pouring holy water, burning incense sticks and candles.

Ngwe Saung
The 15 km long white sand beach with palm trees is a popular place for tourists. There are many cheap accommodation and guest houses in Ngewe Saung town. When you visit Ngwe Saung, you will come across a small tourist village selling cheap souvenirs and delicious seafood. During low tide the beach is accessible to many islands.
The package tours are available with accommodation to Ngwe saung but you can visit this beautiful beach resort on your own, few hours from Yangon. Be ready to experience six hour travel along a bumpy road.

Aung San Bogyoke Market
It is the premium market for tourists arriving or departing Myanmar. This is the best place not only for shopping but also trading your foreign currency at much better rate. However, be sure to count your money and calculate the exchanged amounts yourself. Once you change your dollars to local currency, this market is the best place to buy jewelry, antiques and crafts.

According to latest travel information, Myanmar is becoming a great tourist destination for the traveler. It is becoming or known as one of the hot tourist spots in the world. Also, it seems to be a safest destination for foreigners as it has the lowest tourist crime rates in the world. So you can relax and have peace of mind when you visit Myanmar.

Wherever you go in Myanmar, whether it be cruising down the mighty Ayeyarwaddy River in style, drifting over the ancient city of Bagan by hot air balloon, or searching for that elusive tiger on the back of an elephant, there is always a feeling of adventure.

Tourist visa Myanmar
A valid Passport with Entry Visa is required of all visitors. A Tourist Visa allows a stay of 28 days.

Overland entry is permitted for Thai tourists with border pass and for third party tourists with visa at Tachileik, Three Pagoda Pass, Myawaddy and Kawthaung check points along Myanmar-Thai Border; and for Chinese tourists with border pass and for third party tourists with visa at Lweje, Nam Kham, Muse , Kyukoke, Kwanlong, Mont Lar along Myanmar-China Border.

Business Visa Myanmar
A valid passport with Entry visa is required for all businessmen, applicable at Myanmar Embassies and Consulate General Offices abroad.

Best Time to Visit Myanmar
The best time of year to visit Myanmar is during the cool season.
There are three seasons in Myanmar: the hot season, the Monsoon season, and the cool season.

The hot season in Myanmar lasts from early March to late May, the Monsoon season in Myanmar runs from the late May to mid October, and the cool season in Myanmar runs from late October to late February.

The best time to visit Myanmar is the cool season, as temperatures can climb very high in the hot season and the rains can interrupt sightseeing in Myanmar’s Monsoon season.

Now, Myanmar gradually becoming a safe destination for foreign tourists, its pristine and clean beaches, unique cultural attractions, snowcapped mountains and forest wilderness are rapidly becoming attractive for the enthusiastic traveller.

Tourist Attractions in Bhutan

Bhutan, officially the Kingdom of Bhutan is a beautiful country with green valleys, snow capped peaks, cool climate and appealing heritage, and culture. This impressive country is bordering the Indian State of Arunachal Pradesh in the East, Nepal in the West, and Tibet in the North. 

Bhutan is popularly known as the last Sanghri la or the ideal paradise on the earth. This tiny country or the Bhutan Kingdom offers many attractions to the tourists, from snowcapped mountain peaks to cultural and historical relics, to spectacular landscapes. Today Bhutan is slowly becoming a great tourist destination for many tourists. Bhutan has mystical landscapes that are yet to explore and has become a preferred tourist destination for the inquisitive and adventurous traveller.

You will never be in short of activities when you are in Bhutan. The breathtaking valleys, the ancient temples, handicraft emporiums and monasteries are some of the popular attractions among the tourists.

There are many attractive places to explore when you are in Bhutan, some of them are:

Thimpu : the capital of Bhutan

Paro : is the most developed city in Bhutan situated in central Bhutan

Punakha located in east of Bhutan depicts the beauty of eastern Himalayan range.

For culture buffs, National Museum located in Central Bhutan is a good place to visit. Also, visiting historic temple at Kurje Lhakhang near Bumthang, then the oldest shrine in Kyichu Lhakhang in central Bhutan will help you to understand the fascinating and unique cultural heritage that existed in ancient Bhutan.

For many visiting tourists, Thimpu and Paro Valley have been the most popular tourist attractions in Bhutan. The capital of Bhutan is Thimpu is the capital and it depicts the old historical identity with less modernization. The city Paro is the most developed city of Bhutan. Paro is a beautiful city surrounded by natural landscape and it is called the Paro Valley which posses many historical monuments which explain a lot about the heritage of Bhutan.

Close to majestic Himalayan Mountain range, Bhutan has many sensational mountain views and unique terrain, unbelievable scenic beauty and an exceptional culture and lifestyle. Any discerning traveller looking for attractions, he will not be disappointed as he can witness gorges Buddhist monasteries, fine crafts and majestically carved wooden houses.

One should travel to Bhutan, so that he will have a delightful and a memorable vacation in the country which still retains its age-old traditions in the contemporary world. You can enjoy the rich cultural heritage of Bhutan with its beautiful natural environment.

Besides above, Bhutan has many other attractions:

Bhutan's Festivals
Similar to other South Asian Countries, Bhutan's people are deeply associated with their age-long customs and festivals with huge fanfare and pageant. These festival not only bring smile on their faces but also make them closely united. Many festivals are celebrated throughout the year and these festivals are associated with dance, sing and eat, and follow plethora of customs. It's a delightful, and a spectacular sight when Bhutanese participate at these colorful festivals.

As we know, Bhutan is blessed with a land of mountains. It is therefore a trekking is a popular sport in Bhutan. There are many number of treks and guided tours which bring lot of joy and excitement to discerning traveller looking for adventure. It is well known, trekking in Bhutan. brings fun and thrill.

Paro Valley
This is a prominent place in Bhutan which house some of the country's oldest temples and monasteries. Bhutan's only airport is located in Paro Valley. It is one of the most fertile lands in the country that produces the popular red rice from its picturesque terraced fields.

Thimpu Valley
This is located at an elevation of 2,300 meters above mean sea level. The main secretariat building called Taschichho Dzong is located in this valley. Also, Thimpu Valley houses the throne rooms of the King and the summer retreat of the central monk body.

Wangdi dzong was built in the 17th century and it is situated at an altitude of 1,350 meters to the south of Punakha, at the convergence of Punakhachu and Tang-chu Rivers. This is a sought after place by tourists and it has rich pastureland for cattle.

Tongsa boasts vast expanse of spectacular and fascinating landscape that will delight you.

Bumthang Valley
This valley is located at an elevation of 2,600 meters to the east of Tongsa. This is known as the religious hub of Bhutan that houses some of the oldest Buddhist temples in the world.

One visiting this place will realize how traditional Bhutanese architecture has continued to preserve or prosper throughout the centuries.

Flora & Fauna
Bhutan is a popular destination or a paradise for many botanists. It has a rich and diverse variety of the floral species such as Rhododendrons, Junipers, magnolias, rare orchids, carnivorous plants, blue poppy (the national flower), edelweiss, gentian, medicinal plants, Daphne, giant rhubarb, high-altitude plants, tropical trees, pine and oak.

For the discerning wild life enthusiast will have the opportunity to see some of the worlds endemic and exotic faunas or animals found in Bhutan. The rare animals that are available are: golden langur, red pandas, black-necked crane, snow leopard, takin, musk deer, Himalayan brown bear, Himalayan marten, tiger, hornbills, pheasants, mountain goats and timid blue sheep.

There are many tourist attractions in Bhutan and it is a never ending list. You will certainly get a chance to visit the most breathtaking and amazing natural and man made attractions on your visit to Bhutan. A rare treat is awaiting for the discerning traveller and Bhutan is one of the attractive destination for any visitor any time of the year. Do not forget to take your camera, there are many memorable and exciting photo opportunities to capture on your visit.

Travel to Bhutan

Getting to Bhutan
Today the main points of entry are through Phuentsholing in the south that links Bhutan with the Indian plains of West Bengal, through Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar that links with the Indian state of Assam and through Paro, where the entry is through Druk Air, the National airline of Bhutan.

Bhutan Entry Permit
You will be endorsed by the immigration officers upon your arrival before you are issued with a permit. Make sure you go personally. You may have to carry your passport (also some passport photographs) or voter’s registration card. If you plan to travel by road, the endorsement is done at the entry points in Phuentsholing, Samdrup Jongkhar, and Gelephu. If by flight, you will enter from the Paro Airport.

Bhutan Travel by Air
The country has so far only one airport that caters to the needs of visitors coming in through flight. However, an international airport is under construction in Gelephu that will eventually provide passengers with a choice of their entry to Bhutan. The Bhutan’s only international airport at Paro, is located at a height of 7300 ft above sea level and surrounded by mountains and hills as high as 16,000 feet. Druk Air is the national air operating with two A319. It flies to destinations that include Bangkok, Delhi, Kolkata, Bodh Gaya, Dacca, Kathmandu and Guwahati in Assam and Plans are also underway to invite other private airliners.

National carrier of the Royal Government of Bhutan

Buddha Air services
Beginning August 2010, a new commercial flight entered Bhutan. Known as the Buddha Airlines, it has now begun operation between Kathmandu, Nepal and Paro, Bhutan. It is currently run on an 18-seater, twin propelled aircraft. The fares are relatively lower as compared to the fares charged by Druk Air and currently operate four flights a week which it plans to go daily with the full flow of tourists visiting Bhutan. It has also plans to link Paro airport with the Indian cities of Bagdogra, Guwahati and Kolkatta in India and even Dhaka, Bangladesh.

Travel by Land
Phuntsholing, Gelephu and Samdrup Jongkhar in eastern Bhutan are the only land border areas open for international tourists. The town of Phuntsholing is located approximately 170 km east of the Indian national airport Bagdogra. After crossing Phuntsholing, your journey then begins its mountainous climb through endless turns and hair-pin bends till you enter Thimphu, the capital city. The travel time for the 176 km stretch can be more than 6 hours.

Gelephu in South-Central Bhutan is another entry point to Bhutan. It is approximately 250 kms from Thimphu and the journey will take you through the sub-tropical areas of Bhutan before entering the alpine zone and then finally into Thimphu. One will have to traverse across three Dzongkhags and the travel time will be about ten hours.

Samdrup Jongkhar is the only entry point in eastern Bhutan. The town borders the Indian district of Darranga, Assam and is approximately 150 kms away from Guwahati, the capital city of Assam. The journey from Guwahati is about three hours. Tourists entering Bhutan through Samdrup Jongkhar will take you to Trashigang, the largest Dzongkhag in the country, and from there over the lateral route to Mongar, Bumthang, Trongsa, Wangde Phodrang and then finally into Thimphu. The distance is about 700 kms and will take you a minimum of three days to reach Thimphu.


Colombo Attractions Things to do in Colombo, Sri Lanka

If you are looking for a memorable holiday and breaking your head finding a suitable place in the mystical South Asia? Then the ideal place to visit is Colombo, Sri Lanka. Once you discover Sri Lanka, like the hidden treasures, you will certainly keep on coming to explore the places of interest Sri Lanka has to offer. 

Colombo was once known as the garden city and one of the greenest cities in the East. Even today, if you explore the city from the air, you will see the pockets of green that still present despite the rapid development. Colombo, the green city is covered with shaded trees, clean parks, safe recreation places for children, and lakeside esplanades. Anyone taking a walk will realize how much nature Colombo has to offer for the resident or the visitor, and how easily accessible its flora and fauna are. The visitor who is ecologically aware can explore the natural beauty of Colombo and certainly he or she will be amply rewarded. Colombo can be a fascinating place and has many attractions to offer for people visiting on business or as a part of a stopover with a tight schedule.

If you have few hours or a day to spare, visiting the Elephant Orphanage at Pinnewela, few hours from Colombo is a good idea. For the nature lover, it will be a memorable visit with many photo opportunities involving baby and matured elephants. Even you can have an exciting elephant ride.

If you enjoy the beaches or the coast, take a trip along the Galle Road heading south from Colombo. Perhaps visiting Kalutara, which has a spectacular Temple. If you have a full day to spend, you can go further south visiting the splendid beach at Bentota or maybe up to Galle for a visit of the ramparts of the magnificent Dutch Fort built in the 17th Century. There are many places worth stopping along the way. You will noticed how quickly this part of Sri Lanka has 'bounced back' after the devastating tsunami.

The north of Colombo is the Fort which was the centre of Dutch and Portuguese, you can still view some of the Colonial Architecture. Today, Fort is the Banking and Commercial Centre of Colombo with many leading commercial banks, and the Colombo Port is located. Sri Lanka's twin towers located in this area next to five-star Hilton, Ceylon Continental and Galadari hotels. Little further away from Fort, a place called Pettah is located. It's a highly commercial place with hustle and bustle, where you can strike a bargain on a shopping item. You will find the famous Galle Face Green towards the south of Fort, Colombo. It was a popular place for horse racing during British rule in 1859. Today, it's truly a popular playground and a recreational place for Sri Lankans. During the weekend, especially in the evening, the Galle Face Green is crowded with kite flyers, cricket players, picnic eaters, day trippers, and lovers. A visitor to Galle Face Green gives him an idea of the private and domestic life style of a typical Sri Lankan family. Immediately next to Gall face Green, you will find Raffles-like, Galle Face Hotel. You can enjoy sipping tea on the verandah of this beautiful old hotel while enjoying a spectacular sunset. The Sima Malaka Meditation Island together with Gangaramaya Buddhist temple is located at Slave Island. It will be a perfect retreat for visitors looking to avoid the busy city.

The Gangaramaya mother temple was built in the 19th century and has a small museum, Buddhist paintings and stone carvings.

Just few minutes from Galle Face Green, towards the South, you will find Crescat Boulevard, the country's popular shopping centre It is managed by renown, Colombo Plaza Hotel. If you are interested in experiencing Sri Lankan cuisine or food with cosmopolitan flavor, there are many restaurants to choose. The very famous names such as Barista, Nandos, Deli France, Pizza Hut, McDonalds and many more located at Crescat Boulevard. If you want to taste an authentic Sri Lankan rice and curry, just pop into Renuka Hotel to enjoy a sumptuous buffet.

Visitors who are in interested in wildlife and who have come with their kids, enjoy a day out at Dehiwala Zoo located south of Colombo. You have the opportunity to see hundreds of birds, animals and snakes living in simulated natural environments. The Kids will really enjoy this and it will be a memorable one. The Dehiwala Zoo is one of the best and largest Zoos in Asia. The Zoo has a fine collection of animals species, Sri Lanka's fauna and an a massive aquarium with 500 varieties of aquatic life. Also, it has a walk through aviary, a butterfly park, reptile enclosures, and daily elephant show which kids love to see.

Few minutes away from the Dehiwela zoo, you will find Mount Lavinia, where famous Mount Lavinia Hotel and wide variety of beach restaurants are located. If you are looking for sea air and refreshment on the beach, it is the nearest place to the city to visit.

The other important places to go and things to do when you are in Colombo are:

Colombo National Museum of Natural History
The national museum displays Sri Lanka's exotic flora and fauna, as well as variety of fossils. On the rear of the building, a botanical forest is located.This museum was established in 1877, and it houses many arrays of national treasures, cultural relics, and archeological artifacts coming from all parts of the world. Also, it has a well preserved library of 4000 ancient palm leaf manuscripts.

Things To Do in Colombo, Sri Lanka:
1. Visit Royal Colombo Golf Club which has attracted golfers for 129 years and enjoy a round of golf. It has a splendid and well laid green top for the discerning golfer to enjoy a round of golf.

2. Take a short trip to Negombo which is 37 km from Colombo. Here, you can find great hotels and pristine beaches, and it's an ideal stopover for a visitor coming in or leaving the country.

3. Enjoy some seafood on the Mt Lavinia Beach which houses great seafood restaurants on the golden beach.

4. Indulge in last minute shopping at many sleek department stores and shopping malls having variety of designer clothing, shoes, handbags, and handicrafts and many more.

5. Enjoy a massage at one of Colombo's spas with serene surroundings. Well trained masseurs capable of giving either Swedish or Shiatsu type massage

6. Spend a day at the Leisure World. This is Sri Lanka's premium amusement and water park offering roller coasters, log flumes, and many varieties of thrilling rides for kids as well as adults.

7. Enjoy the nightlife by visiting a chill-out bar, or a casino if you want to have some excitement by playing roulette or baccarat or blackjack, or a night club where you can party until dawn.

8.Try ever popular kothu rotti, Sri Lanka's popular snack with bits of rotti mixed with chicken or beaf or egg, onions, tomatoes and green chillies.

Besides above, there are many attractions that Colombo can offer, So Visit Colombo, you are certain to have a memorable and enjoyable stay.