Best places to view a space shuttle launch in Florida

Find Out Best Places To Watch Shuttle Launch in Florida
The Kennedy Space Center is always a favorite destination for travelers to Florida’s Space Coast. Because of the limited number of Space Shuttle launches, not all visitors can schedule their vacation to coincide with a launch. But if you can, it will be an event you and your family will remember forever. Then, when you return home, you can cross off one more item on the list of things to see before you die.

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Some suggestions for the best views for watching a space shuttle launch.

The closest place to view a launch are the VIP and media pavillions, which are not open to the public, IIRC.

You can buy tickets to a stand that is 6 miles from the shuttle, on the roadway that leads up to the pads. Those tickets were gone a long time ago. There's also an option to buy tickets for the visitor's centre, but I am not sure how good those would be.. as you'd be quite far from the site.

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Titusville, Florida
Titusville, Florida, is a great place to view a space shuttle launch. Titusville, directly across the Indian River from the Kennedy Space Center, is the closest city to both launch pads 39A and 39B. Most places in Titusville along the Indian River even have a clear view of the launch pad as well as the space shuttle as it launches. I strongly recommend seeing space shuttle launches from Titusville.

Where in Titusville can you Watch Shuttle Launch?
The closest and best place to watch the launch is Space View Park in Titusville on U.S. Highway 1, near Garden Street. The park may be close but he said it will be packed with people.

Almost anywhere in Titusville along the Indian River, which runs along US Highway 1 from State Route 406 (Garden Street) at the Max Brewer bridge down to US 50, offers a is view across the water to the space shuttle launch pads.

Titusville is also great for night launches, because there is a large body of water which reflects the light given off by the shuttle’s solid rocket boosters. A night space shuttle launch lights up the sky for miles around, and is a truly memorable experience.

There are 6 parks in Titusville along the Indian River as well as nearby Jetty Park at Port Canaveral, south of the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station.

Wherever you decide to go, the best advice is to arrive early to get a good viewing and parking spot. Some people living along the river also offer parking on their land for a fee.

Finding a spot along the Indian River in the Titusville area (anywhere north of SR-405, I think it is, that crosses the river over to KSC.) The sun will be behind you and the Shuttle will draw a fine arc to your left (northeast) across the sky. Yes, there are many places to legally pull over and park. Even so, in the last minute or two of the countdown, traffic will pretty much stop everywhere in the vicinity to watch it.

Paul's Smokehouse is a restaurant with huge windows overlooking the water and the launch pad beyond with an unobstructed view and they are probably booked up already.

State Road 528 between Merritt Island and Port Canaveral is also a good viewing spot. A lot of people will be there, but it's farther away than Titusville.

The following are some of the most popular off-site locations for viewing launches from NASA's Kennedy Space Center in Florida:

From North to South

Marina Park, 501 Marina Road, Titusville -- Restrooms, parking

Sand Point Park, 101 N. Washington Ave, Titusville -- Restrooms, parking

Space View Park, 8 Broad Street, Titusville -- Parking nearby

Manzo Park, 3335 S. Washington Ave (US 1), Titusville -- Restrooms, parking

Rotary Riverfront Park, 4141 S. Washington Ave (US 1), Titusville -- Restrooms, parking

Kennedy Point Park, 4915 S. Washington Ave (US 1), Titusville -- Restrooms, parking

Westbound SR 528 Causeway over the Banana River Park well off the right-of-way near the water

Jetty Park, East end of Port Canaveral off George King Blvd. -- Restrooms, parking

Cocoa Beach Pier, 401 Meade Ave., Cocoa Beach -- Restrooms, parking

Alan Shepard Park, East end of SR 520, Cocoa Beach -- Restrooms, parking

Fischer Park, East side of SR A1A 1/2 mile south of SR 520 -- Restrooms, parking

Lori Wilson Park, 1500 N. Atlantic Ave, Cocoa Beach -- Restrooms, parking

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