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Amazing holidays often come from having your ear to the ground. Trail Chatter is all about passing on, in digestible bites, everything we can about what's opening where, who's discounting what and keeping you posted on the things, both good and bad, that we think you should know…

No matter where you plan to getaway from it all – be it a Caribbean vacation, a ski vacation or a luxury resort vacation – the sooner you start planning, the better.
Travelers that search early for vacation deals are more likely to get them. Booking early gives you the advantage of choosing non-stop flights, the hotel you want to stay at and the best rental cars, should you and your fellow travelers need one.

If you’re planning a vacation there’s no reason not to start searching for the perfect getaway now.

Ultimate City Guides 
Based on Traveler magazine’s acclaimed Places of a Lifetime series, National Geographic’s Ultimate City Guides give you everything you need to inspire—and plan—your next vacation to one of the world's great cities. With photo galleries, walking tours, a quiz, and articles full of recommendations for each city, you’re in for an adventure even if your only visit is a virtual one.

Famous Wonders
Tourism can be an adventure of a lifetime, find the top travel destinations to visit and plan your next great vacation trip. Famous Wonders contains a collection of pictures and information about the world’s wonders and many famous landmarks from popular cities around the world. Planning to travel and do sightseeing? Browse through the top 100 wonders of the world or navigate through the site to find the best tourist attractions by country & cities.

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