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Australia's Red Centre is the heart of Outback Australia where you find Uluru, Australia's most famous rock monolith, and the town of Alice Springs. 

The Red Center is the desert area located in South Australia, Northern Territory, and Western Australia. It is the desert area surrounding the Ayers Rock. The Red Center composed of red sand and red rocks and it makes up of the most of the Australia's hinterland. The Red Center in the Northern Territory is the heart of Australia's country side.

The Red Centre area is famous for Australia's most noticeable icons such as Uluru or Ayers Rock and it is well known as an area unique to Australian with significant natural and cultural value. There are many things to see and do in the Red Center.

The Red Centre takes its name from the uniquely reddish soil found in the area and in the varying orange-red hues of Uluru.

The discerning traveller like you can take a hiking along the wonderful Larapinta trails or camping under a clear night sky or take an expedition over the desert in a hot air balloon at sunrise. If you are interested in ancient Aboriginal culture, you can visit the bush tucker or the art tour.

The best way is to take a tour arranged specially for Red Center visitors. It takes you through Uluru, Kata Tjuta National Park, Kings Canyon, West MacDonnell Ranges and Alice Springs. Visiting Red Center not only help you to regain peace of mind or forget about your busy life but also reawaken your self, and make you spiritually rejuvenated.

For the smart traveller who looks for excitement in the winter months of July and August, the ideal tourist destination is the Red Center Areas. He can take a three week winter vacation while concentrating on Queensland and Northern Territory and take an exciting and delightful tour to Uluru and other areas.

Pleasant weather awaits in the Red Center areas for the winter traveller. In the winter, daytime temperatures are around 30 degrees and the nights are cool enough to sleep under stars or the night sky. The humidity is very low and hardly there is rainfall.

Explore the giant and spectacular Outback at Uluru, previously known as the Ayers Rock.

Uluru is a giant single sandstone rock with a 9 kilometer circumference. This is specatcular rock is a popular icon in Australia and it sits in the dead centre of Australia and it's only four hours from the closest town Alice Springs.

The Uluru - Kata Tjuta National Park, is the traditional homeland of the Anangu Aboriginal people for whom it has a special spiritual importance. The power of rock attracts thousands of people from all over the world. They can explore the spectacular rock with Aboriginal guides who explain its spiritual relationship to the Aboriginal culture. Anyone visiting this monolithic rock, will have a memorable experience.

Uluru is located far away from popular towns in Australia, but the discerning traveller do not have to worry as there are nearby tourist resorts catering to the visitors to the rock. There are many other places to for the discerning traveler-an Aboriginal cultural, arts and craft center, with many restaurants, swimming pools, galleries, supermarkets and medical center.

So the discerning traveller could either experience a short or longer holiday at Ulhuru or the Red Center. Travelers will experience the best of Uluru in the evening hours, when it spectacularly, appears to glow red and thats not all, throughout the day, depending on the sun's position, it changes its colour or hues. As the sunset arrives, the rock tend to change its hues with hundred shades of red, it's worth every minute of the journey.
Visitors to Uluru should not miss exploring the vast desert surroundings of Uluru and another famous rock formation called Olgas situated to the South. Visiting the Red Center areas is the best way to know the real Australian hinterland or outback.

Visitors have many things to do during there visit to Red center, Ulhuru. They can choose a camel tour of the rock at Uluru, or enjoy a memorable flight in a helicopter to have a bird's eye view of the monolith or rock. They can visit the fascinating geological formation, Kata Tjuta or the Olgas 30 km from Uluru. The Olgas comprise of 36 domes of red-brown earth.

For more adventurous traveler, the most fascinating way to explore the remote Red Center areas is to take a four-wheel drive tour by road.There are many 4x4 adventure routes and the Tourist Authority of the region has recommended many interesting tour itineraries for those who are looking for excitement. All the main tourist attractions are accessible by good asphalt roads or off the beaten tracks. If you want more excitement, you can choose the path of "John mcDouall Stuart or the Nature's Way from Darwin that embrace wetlands, Aboriginal Cultures and the ancient history.

Bushwalking is another fascinating sport available for the discerning traveller. None of the visits to RedCenter area is complete without taking up bushwalking through spectacular scenery of the hinterland. The bushwalkers or hiker could walk for days or hours along the rugged terrain or tracks. Many exciting itineraries are on offer for the traveller looking for adventure. The most popular routes are: The Larapinta Trail (223 km) through the West MacDonnell National Park close to Alice Springs, the Jatbula Trail across Nitmiluk National Park, offering the traveler the wildlife close-ups, many cultural sites and deep sandstone gorges.  Each rout give the visitor a unique experience. There are many routs to select based on the time you want to spent.

Ballooning is another exciting and popular way to explore the spectacular and breathtaking Red Center.  Numerous reliable, tour companies offer balloon flights. These tours are normally arranged early morning coupled with a sumptuous breakfast.  You can see the sunrise over the fascinating red plains, and the wildlife spread across the gorgeous landscape. In particular, the big red kangaroos, and birds. You have to carry a good camera to capture memorable moments you experience.

For the Angler looking for fishing sport, the Red Center is the ideal place to visit. Red Center is a fisherman's paradise, offering wide range of fishing opportunities in inland billabongs, tidal rivers, estuaries, tidal rivers and streams, and in coastal waters. You can find many fishing lodges and boat tours, as well as guided fishing safaris.

In fact, Uluru and Alice Springs are major tourist destinations, not only for those coming from overseas but for interstate Aussies as well.

Alice Springs and surroundings
Stay in the famous town of Alice Springs Outback, which is in the red heart of Australia just 200 kilometers south of the geographic center. From here you can walk to Bush, four-wheel drive or join a camel across the sand dunes rolling the Simpson Desert. Simpsons Gap bike ride at dawn to discover the different styles of Aboriginal art along the Tanami track and explore the rock art, artefacts and ceremonial sites in the vicinity of the Aboriginal community of St. Teresa.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Uluru see increase of 348 meters from the desert, deep in the heart of Australia, who meet again with the colors clear and bright, to outshine the sunset. The park covers 2010 square kilometres and includes the features it is named after - Uluru / Ayers Rock and, 40 kilometres to its west, Kata Tjuta / Mount Olga and is serviced by flights from most Australian capital cities.

Kings Canyon National Park and Watarrka
Pull the rim of Kings Canyon for a breathtaking view of the rugged cliffs and gorges Watarrka National Park. This scenic landscape of rugged ranges, rockholes and gorges acts as a refuge for many plants and animals, making the Park an important conservation area and major attraction of central Australia.

Most of Watarrka's visitors come to view the spectacular Kings Canyon with its towering vertical walls and pockets of 'lush' vegetation protected in sheltered gullies amidst the vast and harsh desert that surrounds the Park.

Finke Gorge National Park
Four-wheel drive alongside the imposing sandstone cliffs and predominantly sandy Finke River. Mostly dry conditions in Finke Gorge National Park. Discovering the desert oasis of Palm Valley, the only place in the world is the Red Cabbage Palm.

Visit Red Center, it is the heart of Australia, that has many things to explore.

Uluru-Kata Tjuta National Park
Ulur_u-Kata Tjut_a National Park

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