Tasmania Attractions, Things to do in Tasmania, Australia

Tasmania is one of the captivating island states of Australia that have a spectacular and unique landscape depicting discrete personality. 

The island has stunning scenery and posses great biodiversity representing rare flora and fauna unique to Australia. Tasmania is a perfect destination for nature lovers looking for adventure and fun.

For travelers who love outdoor activities and appreciating for breathtaking natural habitats; Tasmania is the destination worth visiting. It has many spectacular mountains throughout while offering numerous trails for hikers.

Australia's most mountainous state has some of the world's most challenging abseiling or rappelling opportunities. Whether you are just learning the ropes or looking for your next adrenaline rush you can head out on your own or with a guide.

When you are here, you can be either gentle or daring. You will have ample time to get into the open, that is what exciting holidays are all for. Tasmania is the wonderful place if you enjoy Camping, Fishing, Gardens, Wildlife watching, walking or trekking and escorted walks or exploring heritage sites. If you are a more adventurous or daring and looking for challenging and adrenalin pumping activities, try something which you have been waiting for sometime: Cycling vacation, diving, driving all terrain vehicles or surfing, and whitewater rafting. There are many to choose:

Discover Tasmania’s most popular attractions and experiences including national parks, historic cities and towns, quality produce and fine cool climate wines.

Cataract Gorge
Cataract Gorge Reserve, or The Gorge as the locals call it, is a unique natural formation within a two-minute drive of central Launceston - a rare natural phenomenon in any city. Today it's the most visited tourist attraction in Tasmania.

Cradle Mountain / Lake St Clair National Park
Part of the Tasmanian World Heritage Wilderness Area and home to Cradle Mountain. The park covers more than 1260 square kilometres with stunning gorges, lakes, peaks, moors, and a vast variety of wildlife. The area includes Mt Ossa. Tasmania's highest mountain, and Lake St Clair, Australia's deepest freshwater lake.

Flinders Island
Flinders and its surrounding 51 islands are all that remain of the land bridge that once connected Tasmania to mainland Australia. Flinders is the largest of the Furneaux Group, which lies off Tasmania's north-east tip.

It is an island of dramatic and varied landscapes, from the pink and grey granite cliffs of Mount Strzelecki and Mount Killiecrankie to the gentle, green farmland that rolls through the island.

Gordon River
Two wild rivers - the Collingwood and the Franklin - hurtle through mountainous rainforest wilderness and merge as the Gordon River, which flows into the vast Macquarie Harbour on the west coast.

King Island
King Island lies in the path of the Roaring Forties, the ever-present westerlies that circle the world's southern latitudes. It's an island of long, empty beaches and clean, fresh air, offshore reefs, rocky coasts, lighthouses and more than 70 shipwreck sites.

Bruny Island Cruises
Bruny Island Cruises conducts a full day tour from Hobart or one can join the cruise at Adventure Bay on Bruny Island. Spend three hours travelling in a fast jet boat sailing around Bruny Island's rugged coastline.

Tasman Island Cruises, Port Arthur
Tasman Island Cruises do a three hour cruise of the spectacular coastal scenery and wildlife of the Tasman Peninsula.

McDermott's Treasure Island Coaches
A family owned and operated company based in Launceston in Northern Tasmania.They offer fully guided day tours of world renowned Cradle Mountain and Freycinet National Parks, half-day tours of Launceston City and the Tamar Valley, plus evening tours to the Low Head Fairy Penguin colony.McDermott’s can also organise an itinerary to suit your requirements, be it a half day, full day or an extended tour or charter.

Maria Island National Park
National park offers excellent bushwalking, fishing and wildlife viewing of the island's more than 80 species of birds and native animals, including emus and wallabies that are frequently sighted.

West Coast Wilderness Railway, Strahan
Take a trip back in time to when men laboured through almost impenetrable forest, mud, rain and treacherous landscapes to build a railway link between the copper mining town of Queenstown and the port of Strahan.

Tamar River Cruises, Launceston
Experience the excitement and history of Launceston's spectacular Tamar River from the comfort of our unique vessels. An informative commentary from our skippers will take you on a historical journey where you will discover the stories and tales that shaped Launceston and the Tamar Valley.

Devonport, Hobart, Launceston, St Helens, Strahan Town, Swansea

Tasmania is easily the finest and unspoiled places to camp in Australia. Most of the areas of this beautiful island state has been declared as protected national parks and reserves.
You have the option to choose either formal or informal camps. Formal camping sites are located in national parks and forest reserves managed by the Authorities. The informal camping sites are generally scattered all over the place but you need to check the entry restrictions at each camping site.

Visit Tasmania and enjoy one of the world's great wild fisheries. You can either experience world-class fly fishing or an exciting game of fishing expedition in the Southern Ocean. You have many fishing locations to choose from remote beaches, to highland lakes to streams. You can fish from a remote beach to on a highland lake, or cast a line for bluefin tuna.

Tasmania is an angler's paradise or holiday destination. You will find the best trout fishing in the world.

Wildlife Watching
You will have memorable wildlife watching in Tasmania, you may have the option to see many animals face to face or spotting wild life by flashlight in the night. Also, you will be able to spot a marine menagerie off the starboard bow.
Tasmania has many rare plants and animals that are extinct in other parts of the world.

Explore Heritage Sites
Out of eleven Australian heritage sites declared by UNESCO, five sites are located in Tasmania. The five sites include Coal Mines on the Tasman Peninsula, Port Arthur, Cascades Female Factory in South Hobart, Darlington Probation Station on Maria Island, Woolmers and Brickendon Estates near Longford. Each of these sites have unique history and has best-maintained records of its history.

All Terrain Vehicle Tour
Are you adventurous and have a valid driver's license, then why not explore the wilderness on a 4x4 wheel vehicle. This is the best way or the fun way to explore the wilderness of Tasmania. This will definitely give you a memorable touring excitement while going through forest tracks, remote beaches or rolling sand dunes.

Bicycle Touring
You can enjoy ever-changing and diverse scenery or terrain of Tasmania when you take a bicycle tour at your own speed throughout the uncrowded island.

There are many cycle routes through widely changing landscapes connecting with the natural surrounding of Tasmania. It will really challenge your endurance and fitness.

National Geographic magazine describes diving in Tasmania as a unique experience depicting lyrical beauty and fantastic. For the discerning traveler, Tasmania is the best place for diving and easily explore the diverse underwater wilderness or habitat for exotic marine animals and plants. You can also explore the Kelp forest in the Southern Ocean.

The breathtaking coastline and clear, cool waters are excellent for diving in Tasmania.

Visit Hobart Park and Clifton Beaches which are the best spots for surfing, you will come across big wave breaks that challenges your skills on surfing. You will certainly find a great surfing ride in Tasmania. 

So Visit Tasmania which offers everything you need for a pleasant, exciting and a memorable holiday.

Many visitors to this beautiful inland prefer camping so that they could feel the unique and pristine environment. It gives many people the opportunity to explore wide variety of animals that live close by.

Bird watching and wildlife watching are very popular in Tasmania and many tours are available as well. Tasmania is relatively unspoiled or clean, and has many peaceful trails or tracks and pristine beaches throughout.

The striking feature of Tasmania is its rapidly changing climate across the island. You can enjoy snow on one side of the island and the within few hours you can explore the rainforest or sit on the warm beach in the next afternoon.

Tasmania has a rich cultural heritage with vibrant community. Many artists converge to this beautiful island state, and numerous cultural centers are located in the cities. No wonder, Tasmania has become the home for artist who represent nine percent of the population.

Explore Tasmania's five unique regions, there are many exciting activities and attractions on offer. You can choose the best touring option to suit your needs. Find out what you can do and see when you are in Tasmania.

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